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"Kurup" a movie by Srinath Rajendran depicts a plot about Sukumara Kurup a most wanted-criminal in the Indian state of Kerala. He is accused in the murder of Chacko, a film representative, in the year 1984. Chacko was strangled to death and his body was burnt inside a car. Sukumara Kurup allegedly committed the crime to fake his own death and claim an insurance amount of INR 800,000($75,000)(1984 $rate was 10.74) by killing Chacko who bore a resemblance with him. Sukumara Kurup is supposed to have fled abroad after the incident, while two of his co-accused, driver Ponnappan and brother-in-law Bhaskar Pillai, were sentenced to a life-term imprisonment. The Chacko murder case is one of the long-standing cases in the judicial history of Kerala.

The case again caught media attention during the mid-2000s when there were reports on Sukumara Kurup look-alikes in various parts of India and Kerala

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