July 27, 2017 · Malayalam
Parava (English: Bird) is an upcoming Indian Malayalam film directed by Soubin Shahir with a script jointly written by Shahir and Muneer Ali. It is Shahir's directorial debut film and three yesteryear actor's sons Shane Nigam, Arjun Ashokan and Zinil Zainudeen include the cast with cameo appearance of Dulquer Salmaan.
  1. Parava super dq roll’s polich adakki i like it movie

    fazil mp · September 23, 2017
  2. Parava is such an amazing movie that if never lags.. Not even a second. It can entertain anyone. BTW I am a big fan nd i want to meet you… Can we?? With hope and love

    Ashik ILyaas · September 24, 2017
  3. പറവ കണ്ടു ഫിലിം superayirunnu… DQ role ആവെസമേ & inspire it…. സൗബിൻ ikka poli

    Afzal · September 28, 2017
  4. മച്ചാനെ പടം സൂപ്പറാട്ടാ….

    അലി · December 10, 2017

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